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Postal and Email Marketing how to Increase Sales With Both Direct Mail OptionsAlthough many people may abandon postal direct mail as a business marketing technique due to the proliferation of online options, using it in conjunction with email campaigns can do more to increase your bottom line than choosing just one. It is an oft repeated rule of marketing at the consumer needs to see an offer up to three times or more to take action on it. By contacting through the postal mail and email, it increases the chance that a targeted recipient will sign up, contact you or make a purchase.

In the business to business advertising realm, marketing materials need to get past the ministry of gatekeepers in order to get in front of the people who make the decisions for company. One of the best ways to do this is to use a postal or email contact list that includes the precise people you wish to target. This is much more effective than blindly sending a postcard or online contact to the company itself.

Using the right direct mail lists can greatly increase your ROI, but you still need to use different methods to attract the most attention and response when marketing by email and by postal mail.

Email Options for Direct Mail Marketing

The number one rule of marketing by email is avoiding the junk mail trap and never being accused of spam. With all the automatic programs used to keep unwanted emails out of inboxes, can be a challenge when you are contacting the company for the first time. Follow the laws and make the emails personal, which should be easier with a detailed contact list.

Instead of artistically designed emails with lots of graphics and marketing speech, get to the point directly and attract attention with the first line.

Postal Options for Direct Mail Marketing

If you want to increase your sales with postal mail marketing, high interest graphics, words or phrases should be used to attract attention and avoid the recycling bin. Studies have shown that postal mail is less likely to be immediately “deleted” than email is, but that doesn’t mean any colorful brochure or professional looking letter will be read.

Always used the most up to date direct mail list to get your professionally designed advertisement in front of people who are already eager for whatever you have to offer. Business professionals have limited time to make decisions about which organizations to join, which services to hire out or which products to buy. The goal with direct mail pieces is to showcase what they want or teach them that what you have can help. This process is much more effective if the person seeing the ad is the decision maker rather than an administrative assistant or mail clerk.

As you can see, no matter what medium you choose for contacting the businesses you want to accept your offer or make a purchase, the most important thing is to get the best, highly targeted direct mail lists to send that offer to.