Information and Communications Technology Decision Makers Webcom

276,530 375,071 Postal Email $150/M $300/M Information and Communications Technology Decision Makers Webcom. Now at Bethesda List Center! The Information and Communications Technology Decision Makers from Webcom is focused on targeting decision-makers responsible for purchasing IT services, software, and communications products as well as services in all major markets including enterprise, manufacturing, government, healthcare, corporate, Internet of Things, education, electronics, retail, service businesses, military/defense, and telecom. All major industries including aerospace, aviation, automotive, financial services, consumer and industrial services, energy, oil & gas, infrastructure, manufacturing, military/defense, government. Titles and functions include CEO, IT executives, network and telecom managers, system managers, communications system engineers. Source Newsletters, Controlled Circulation

Wireless Communications and Technology Professionals Webcom

244,005 321,930 Postal Email $150/M $300/M Wireless Communications and Technology Professionals Webcom.  Now at Bethesda List Center! The Wireless Communications and Technology Professionals database from Webcom targets wireless engineers, supply chain managers, operations managers, and executives in all sectors of wireless communication products and services. This file reaches all major sectors including cellular, microwave, satellite, radio, broadcast, M2M, and device frequencies. Includes all major markets including telecom, automotive, aviation, aerospace, military, and consumer. Titles and functions include wireless engineers, supply chain managers, design engineers, system engineers, operations managers, and executives. Key purchase areas include analytical instruments, automation, clean rooms, consumables, chemicals, reagents, test kits. Webcom Communications Corporation is a business-to-business media company offering online and print media, targeted websites, specialized newsletters and magazines for specialty industries. Webcom’s market data research and E-marketing services are offered in the US and worldwide. Industry-specific titles from Webcom include: Magnetics Wireless Engineering World Electronics Protection Cybersecurity Advanced Materials Embedded Systems Media e-Health World EarthWatch Green Power EV Technology (electric vehicle technology) ICT Media (information and communications technology) Software Business Instrument Business & Technology Markets served by Webcom include: Aerospace Infrastructure Automotive Utilities Defense Materials Electronics Test and Measurement Information Technology Power & Energy Telecommunications Natural Resources Manufacturing Healthcare Source Newsletters, Controlled Circulation Minimum Order 5,000

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