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How WordPress Plugins Can Help Make Your Site GDPR Compliant?

The GDPR EU law has been active since May 25th 2018. It has brought many changes to the way website owners collect data from their visitors. The law was created with the goal to protect the personal data and online privacy of EU citizens. With the regulation being fully active, each website is required to meet the GDPR compliance.

Not complying with the regulation rules can result in serious fines for your business, which can go up to 20 million dollars or 4% of the business’ revenue. Either way, you don’t want to be caught violating the law, which is why you need to focus on achieving GDPR compliance.


How to Make Your Website GDPR Compliant?

Making your website GDPR compliant sounds complicated. The regulation requires website owners to make significant changes to the way the site collects data from its visitors. From simple cookie usage, contact forms and newsletter signup forms to full email marketing campaigns, a lot of things need to be changed in order for a site to meet the new GDPR rules.

Thus, fulfilling regulation requirements can take some time and it may require some technical skills on your side. However, there is a simpler and easier solution for this issue! One way to work towards GDPR compliance faster is by using GDPR WordPress plugins. While these plugins cannot guarantee 100% compliance, they can help make WordPress websites meet the majority of regulation requirements.

GDPR WordPress plugins also help ensure security for you and your visitors, allowing you to rest assured that compliances are taking place on your website.

So, how do you know if a GDPR WordPress plugin is the right choice for you? These plugins are targeting all WordPress site owners to help ensure GDPR compliance. To make things more specific, if your site collects any type of data from visitors located in the European Union, you should be using a GDPR plugin. Even if EU residents can’t access your site at all, it is recommended to install a plugin to help ensure  safety in terms of respecting the regulations.

If you’re collecting data through Google Analytics, email marketing tools such as MailChimp or other types of contact forms, you are obligated to make the site GDPR compliant, even if you’re not located in the European Union. Whether you’re a blog owner, content marketer, ecommerce seller or an affiliate marketer, you will have to put some effort into making your website meet the new EU regulations in order to avoid huge fines.

One of the GDPR WordPress plugins you can try, is the Ninja GDPR Compliance. This WordPress plugin helps improve the site’s compliance by featuring most of the key GDPR requirements. It is continually updated to help meet the highest standards of GDPR compliance so you don’t have to worry outdated plugin software.

In addition to purchasing the Ninja GDPR Compliance Plugin for WordPress, you will receive a lifetime of free updates, meaning any changes in the plugin will be automatically implemented on your website. Most importantly, the plugin is very easy to use and the setup can be completed quickly, so you don’t have to be a tech genius to get started!

The Ninja GDPR Compliance plugin is a great option to consider, since it has been translated to numerous languages to make things easier for users worldwide. The available languages include Spanish, German, French, Italian and Swedish among many others. The plugin creators also provide premium live chat support, which is a great addition, especially for inexperienced users who need help with managing their WordPress plugins.

Using GDPR plugins for WordPress websites brings along many benefits and definitely makes things a lot easier to handle. Plugins help make your website as compliant as possible by providing cookie consent features that inform all new visitors that the site is using cookies and automatically asks for their consent. Thus, a GDPR WordPress plugin can ensure your site collects necessary consent from users who send over any form of their personal data.

With the help of a GPDR plugin, you will be able to help control EU traffic and your website can display cookie popups for all visitors that come from EU countries. What’s great about using a GDPR WordPress plugin is that you don’t have to be a technical genius to set it up. The installation process is simple and it takes a short amount of time to have everything up and running!

If you don’t have enough technical skills to make your website compliant, the easiest solution for you is to use a GDPR WordPress plugin. You can learn more about the Ninja GDPR plugin here at CodeCanyon.net!


Whether or not you’re traffic is coming from EU countries, you should make sure your website is GDPR compliant. As long as EU residents can access your site, it is your obligation to make sure all regulations are met. You can easily take care of important GDPR requirements by using GDPR plugins, including cookie consent, Terms and Conditions consent and privacy policy consent. Ignoring the GDPR requirements can lead to serious fines for your business, from a percentage off your revenue to even up to millions of dollars.

To avoid facing these fines, you need to update your site in order to protect your visitors’ personal data. Taking this responsibility seriously is inevitable, since the consequences for not respecting the regulations can be very harmful to your company. GDPR WordPress plugins will make it a lot easier to follow all requirements and stay on track with the regulation.

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