6 Tips to Improve Your Email Response

It’s been a while since email took over the spotlight on the marketing scene. This way of personal, targeted communication with the audience will not only get your business more recognition but also win over tons of potential leads and clients. However, as effective as it is, running email marketing campaigns is actually one of the most difficult aspects of marketing. I’ve worked with to understand how to enhance email response rates.

Why email responses matter?

Why? Well, most email campaigns get ignored by 70% of their audience, one way or another. This leads to a much lower email response rate. We live in a busy era of balancing productivity and leisure time. Checking every email we receive throughout the day is nearly impossible. So, naturally, some of them have to go to trash. But, what if it’s your email campaign that is getting trashed all the time?

It really is a huge loss for a business not to take advantage of a marketing asset as effective as email campaigns. With the email communication rising each year, the field is opening up to various kinds of gameplay. However, no matter how great your business or product is, if you don’t get enough email responses, there are going to be no positive results for you.

There is no point in running an email campaign if your email responses are bad. Instead of just going with it, try to work towards improving your results, as simple tweaks and adjustments can bring you much bigger benefits. It is your job as a marketer to leverage an amazing client resource such as email lists and to take advantage of its full potential, something you cannot do with emails that don’t get opened.

Therefore, our goal for this article is to help you improve the email response rate of your email marketing campaigns. The following are six tips that are going to get your emails opened, but keep in mind, these aren’t magic tricks. Only the right combination of tricks and the proper implementation can bring your email campaigns back to life. Here are tips and tricks that helped increase email response rate. Without further ado, let’s get into what you need to begin doing!

Here are some tips to improve your Email Response Rate:

1. Personalization

Email is already the most personalized way to get a hold of your clients. However, you can make it way more personalized by simply adjusting a few things, such as the opening of the text. Make sure the introduction part has the client’s name in it, to make them feel like the message was meant specifically for them (not another thousand people on your list). You can easily automate this through most email marketing platforms. Work on tailoring your message to the needs and interests of your clients. The better you target the audience, the better the email response is going to be in terms of lead conversion. You can do this by creating several different email sign up forms and thus separating your list into groups that differ in interests. This way you will be able to reach out to the clients with the kind of content they signed up for. The more you personalize the experience, the better your clients are going to respond.

2. Optimizing emails

You would be surprised to see how little optimization can take your email campaign a long way. Optimizing emails refers to tracking the progress of your previous emails in order to improve the future ones. This includes lots of analyzing and testing. If you find your most recent email lacking attention, next time try a different approach, switch things up a bit, change the writing style or maybe throw in some pictures or real life examples of what you’re talking about. Track each email’s performance to see what works best and once you find the right approach your audience loves, stick to it. You can still switch it up every once in a while, just make sure to keep the emails optimized for the best results.

3. Step up the CTA

The call to action statement of your email is one of the crucial aspects to ensure great email response rates. Don’t send out emails without a call to action. Always use the last few sentences to encourage the reader directly to interact with you through the links or buttons you included in the mail. Try out different forms of CTAs to see which ones are most effective.

4. Go mobile

Sometimes, the reason your mail isn’t getting any responses is because it isn’t mobile friendly. Throughout the busy daily rush, people don’t always have access to a computer so they form a habit of checking the mail via a phone. If your email content isn’t optimized for mobile phones, you are going to miss out on many potential leads and clients. Therefore, make sure to optimize the content to ensure it loads quickly and is easy to read. Make sure all photos and attachments load properly as well.

5. Improve your subject lines

The first thing the reader sees when receiving your email is the subject line. Obviously, you need to make it as effective as possible in order to catch people’s attention and get them to check out your content. To do so, avoid asking questions in your subject lines and keep them short and precise. Make them sound interesting to wake up people’s curiosity but never use click baits or false information.

6.Fix the formatting

The formatting of your email plays an important role in the game as well. It gives the reader an idea of what your brand is like and how professional you are. It is best to keep the email formatting simple. Use short sentences and short paragraphs to make the content easier to read. Avoid using any special fonts or shapes, as those look less professional and may not even load on some devices. When it comes to formatting an email, go by the minimalistic rule that less is more!

All together, getting more email responses to your email campaign isn’t an impossible task. All you have to do is get to know your audience a little better to tailor the content to their needs, personalize their experience and wake up their curiosity and interest. If you need more help or have any questions, contact us at www.bethesda-list.com

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.