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Bethesda List Center works with several partners and vendors. We believe these companies provide top quality service in their fields. Please help support them by visiting their websites. provides campaign management from start to finish. Design concept, content placement, sending software and report analysis for email deliverability and conversion rates. Expert services and tools for targeted email lists. provides our email delivery service. Delivery Success is an e-mail marketing and deliverability solutions provider. Their mission is to meet the growing challenges of e-mail deliverability and e-mail customer compatibility. owned by Anne Holland Ventures, Inc. offers A/B and multivariate testing to help lead generation marketers get 40% more leads from their current Web traffic. E-commerce marketers can expect a 20-25% sales lift if they do a round of tests.
Many years of experience on a national level in both organic and paid advertising for local businesses to get on board with the internet search, social, and mobile marketing movement. Dedicated to helping small businesses achieve First Page rankings for their local business listings. researches what works in marketing via exclusive Case Studies, surveys, results data analysis and lab tests. Then they publish what they learn so their 237,000 weekly readers can improve their results and train their teams. is another source where Bethesda-List Center advertises our mailing lists. Mailing lists are at the heart of every successful direct marketing campaign. Experts agree at least 40% of direct marketing success depends on mailing lists. is a leading provider if media rates and data. They connect buyers and sellers through comprehensive coverage of media – such as direct marketing, magazines, newspapers and radio.
With over 15 years of experience in the direct marketing industry, our mission is to provide expert data processing services at great prices.
MMI Direct provides many different client-driven direct marketing data solutions. The keys to their success are in the service and execution of those solutions. The capabilities are found within many organizations, but the service and execution are what set them apart.

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