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6 Easy Tips for Email Marketing Success

The email marketing success with an email campaign that guarantees results starts with building your subscriber list. There is no program on the Internet that is used by more people than email software is. It’s expected that almost four and a half billion people in the world will have access to email software so email marketing is one of the most prevalent forms of marketing. With these easy email marketing hacks listed below, you can increase your open rates!

1. Improve the Accessibility of Your From Lines

Most messages sent as a part of the email marketing campaign are “from” someone or something completely inessential to the email recipient. Think about it: would you open an email that said it was from some company named Marketing Industries or some person named Jillian McClellan?
Therefore, for email marketing success you have to utilize friendly and inviting names in the from the line. Instead of receiving an email from Jillian McClellan, recipients could instead receive an email from Jillian McClellan, Marketing Consultant. This increases a sense of familiarity in the recipient and they’ll be more likely to open a friendly email!

2. Make Your Preview Interesting in the Email Campaign

Remember when you were in elementary school and English teachers emphasized the importance of a catchy hook for your stories? The same applies to email marketing. If your reader sees something interesting in the preview of the email, they will be more likely to open that email and therefore helps in a successful email marketing campaigns. Try to create text at the beginning of your email that is engaging and makes you want to read further.

3. Bring Color to Your Calls to Action to Invite the Readers

Email marketing would be nothing without calls to action. Just as much as you need your emails to be opened, you will also want conversions. Try to make your email marketing stand out from the barrage of other companies. For example, don’t settle for the “Click here!” initiatives of calls to action. Instead, try inviting the reader, or asking them a question, or even using the second person language to entice them.

4. Complicate Unsubscribing (Slightly)

No matter what, people are going to want to unsubscribe from your email marketing campaigns. To avoid negative partings between you and your recipients, you’ll definitely want to give them this option and also make it easy for them. However, sometimes, your readers will accidentally unsubscribe from your email marketing. By adding an extra step to this process, you can make sure you won’t lose the people who never wanted to leave in the first place.

5. Expand Outside of Emails to Successfully Market Your Email Campaign

Your email marketing campaign will target a wide range of people who interact with your email software regularly. Try going the extra mile and make sure to be respectful about it, too. A follow-up message on social media sites like Linkedin is a good way to make sure your email marketing campaign is sticking in the minds of your recipients.

6. Embrace Your Advocates for Email Marketing Success

If you focus on just a few of your recipients, you can provide a personal touch that many readers do not experience from email marketing campaigns. By targeting specific people, you can engage with them on a fundamental level. This connection could prove invaluable, especially if you start nudging your advocates to put their positive feedback into the “reply all” button, which could help enlighten even more of your readers.

Highlighting the Top Tips for Email Marketing Success with an Updated Subscriber List

  • Improve the Accessibility of Your From Lines
  • Make Your Preview Interesting
  • Bring Color to Your Calls to Action
  • Complicate Unsubscribing (Slightly)
  • Expand Outside of Emails
  • Embrace Your Advocates

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