Marketing Managers – Boost Sales with Rental Mailing Lists

Marketing Managers - Boost Sales with Rental Mailing ListsIf your company or organization is primarily involved with business to business marketing, you need an effective way to target the individual people or departments at the other companies who handle your type of offer. The first contact at another business is usually an administrative assistant or receptionist. One way to get your offer past these gatekeepers is through and attention-grabbing and highly targeted direct mail piece. In order to send these to the right people, rental mailing lists from Bethesda List can help.

Marketing Techniques for Business to Business Offers

Marketing a product or service to a business requires a different approach than that marketing it to an individual. People buy things and sign up for newsletters based on an immediate and often emotional need to solve a problem or find fulfillment. With business-to-business offers, marketing managers need to appeal to rational analysis over benefits and costs vs. return data. If the company is inundated with advertising, direct marketing through the postal mail is a way to stand out from the crowd.

Targeted Direct Mail Lists are the Key

The number one way marketing managers can boost sales is by renting the most highly targeted direct mail lists available for their industry or niche. To that end, Bethesda List offers a powerful internal search engine that lets marketers or company representatives narrow down the possibilities to the ultimate in targeted contacts.

Sending an effective postcard, letter or other direct mail piece to a very select list of companies that would find it interesting is an exceptional way to increase the return on investment for that campaign. Direct marketing from one company to another must clearly demonstrates the actual and realistic benefits that one can provide for the other. Direct mail can accomplish this task.

Direct Mail Marketing Techniques That Capture Attention

A company who wishes to market product or service to another should have an advertising department or marketing managers who understand what makes a direct mail piece affected. Pairing and extensive knowledge of sales techniques with professional graphic design and the targeted contact list from Bethesda List will practically ensure good results.

When designing the mailing, create it with the targeted business type in mind. For example, a highly professional corporate recipient may appreciate sedate letterhead and more formal language while a social organization could respond better to a colorful postcard.

No matter what style of direct mail piece you create, tracking its results and how many people respond is an important aspect of making sure it is effective. Tweaking your offers or their presentation is a tried-and-true way to boost sales.

Mailing List Rental Costs

If you are marketing manager involved in advertising products or services business-to-business, the best way to have a successful advertising campaign is to determine who the best recipient for your efforts is, find a highly targeted direct mail list from Bethesda List and send them an offer they can’t refuse.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.