Are You Getting the Best Results from Your Medical Mail Lists?

Are You Getting the Best Results from Your Medical Mail ListsEvery company or organization involved with medical marketing and medical mail lists, wants to sell a lot of products and services or get a lot of new members for their group or subscribers to their newsletter. By using direct mail with quality medical mail lists from Bethesda List Center, the best results can be expected. But what happens if the results you get are not as great as you want them to be? How can you improve your direct mail campaigns to life science researchers and other industry professionals?

Medical Mail Lists – What Results Should You Expect?

According to various business research groups that track these things, the average response rate to any direct mail piece hovers in the 2-5% range. While this seems exceptionally low, this number can absolutely be improved through the careful application of various factors. Number one is choosing the right list. Number two is designing the right offer.

If you have done both of these things from the start, you should expect responses at a much higher percentage. If you are still struggling to get the results you want and the increase in profits or leads, the problem may not be the list at all. Each part of the direct mail campaign must be scrutinized, rebuilt and retested.

Re-Evaluate Your Medical Marketing List

A large part of the success of a direct mail effort comes from the contact list you send it to. If the postcard or letter is not getting in front of the right people, all that effort and expense is wasted. With a professional list supplier like Bethesda List Center, you have the opportunity to do highly detailed searches for precise groups like life science researcher or university-affiliated lab technicians or physicians who treat heart disease specifically.

If you are not getting the best results from your medical marketing direct mail and medical mail lists, you may be targeting people who are not the best fit for you offer. Since Bethesda List Center offers a variety of sub-lists from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), Biomedical Engineering Society Members (BESM), US Medical Managers, US Nurse Practitioners and many more sources, you can easily choose the perfect one to increase your ROI.

Re-Design the Direct Mail Campaign

The number one way to test which direct mail pamphlet, letter or postcard works best is to include a unique code on each type that helps you track how many people come to your website, places an order, sign up or request more information because of it. When you find a direct mail piece that works, stick with it.

If you think you are not getting the best results from your medical marketing mail lists, it is time to get back together with the advertising department and graphic designers and rework the actual ad. Then, with your medical mail lists, test again and again till you realize the types of response you want.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.