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Direct Mail is Key For Your MarketingDigital advertising is a critical component for your marketing campaign but print media is still a valuable tool. As you place your focus on digital branding strategies, don’t forget that physical advertising media can turn a standard marketing campaign into a wide-range success.

Many marketers are completely giving up on physical direct mail. This method of marketing may seem old-fashioned or out of date. In reality, this type of advertising can still make a lasting impression on your customers while also creating real interest in your brand, your products and your message. Here’s why:

1. Media Is Memorable 

A well-crafted email pitch or an attractive website can increase your brand recognition but physical marketing media leaves a lasting impression. Direct mail items like post cards and sales letters can make your marketing pitch more concrete and lasting. When a potential customer can actually hold a piece of your marketing materials in their hands, you create an association between your brand and a real, permanent solution to the needs of your customers.

It’s easy to delete an email or close a browser window but a piece of direct mail combines two physical sensations: sight and touch. This can create the type of brand recognition that encourages potential customers to become loyal users of your products or service.

2. Improved Utility For Customers 

While newsletters and digital promotional materials certainly have their place, direct marketing of print media can make it easier for customers to interact with your brand. For example, an email with a discount code may encourage customers to visit your website but it may not necessarily drive traffic to your physical storefront. If a customer has a print coupon or sales letter to bring with them, they may be more encouraged to visit your store in person.

This opens up a wide range of options. Getting a customer into a store makes it much easier to develop a lasting relationship with the people who use your products and services on a daily basis. If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, you can still make a real impression with print media. Sending samples or advertising materials through the mail gives customers something that they can actually consider, rather than just looking at words on a screen. An email can be deleted with nothing more than a few clicks but customers who receive direct marketing materials in the mail are far more likely to stop and consider your message for a few moments. This is key to developing brand recognition.

3. Increased Brand Reach

It’s easy to make the mistake of assuming that everyone is actively participating on the Internet these days. We sometimes take it for granted that everyone is logged in 24/7, whether they are using tablets, smartphones or laptops. If you’re using direct marketing, this mistake can cost you.

Postal mail is still a viable marketing strategy because of the large numbers of people who prefer traditional media. Even people who regularly use the Internet may not be totally comfortable with completely digital interactions. Print media gives these people a way to engage with your brand that makes them feel noticed and appreciated.

For example, a post card with images of your products or descriptions of your services can convince people that you are offering a real solution. There is an association between online marketing and spam or fraudulent offers in some cases. Print media still has an association with value and integrity that can’t be ignored. The unlimited design options for postal mail marketing media means that you can make your marketing campaign as elaborate or streamlined as your digital marketing efforts.

How To Succeed With Print Marketing

Some of the principles that can help you succeed with digital marketing also work in the world of print media. However, there are a few special considerations for your to take into account.

Finalize Your Design

Final approval of your print media design and appearance is critical. In the digital world, a typo or a design can be corrected in just a few moments. However, with print media, once your marketing materials have been sent, it’s much harder to correct a mistake. Take the time to work closely with your printer or design service to thoroughly review all of your marketing materials. Ask for samples and frequent updates so that you can keep an eye on the process. It’s far better to correct things as you go along than to wait until the final step to review the process. Once you’re confident that everything is correct, you’ll feel better about launching your direct mail campaign.

Balance Your Budget

Modern printing services can help you make any type of print media that you can imagine. Embellishments and special flourishes can help you stand out from the crowd but don’t be afraid to exercise some restraint. Remember, each additional flourish comes with a price tag attached. When you’re launching a regional or national postal mail marketing campaign, that cost can quickly add up. You can splurge for a few attractive elements to make your marketing material more memorable, but sometimes less can be more. Starting this process with your budget firmly in mind will help keep your design ideas on track.

Do Your Research

Mass email marketing materials can be sent to many recipients for a very low cost. This isn’t the same for print media, however. Postal mail can sometimes be more costly so you’ll have to do careful research to make sure that your marketing materials are getting into the right hands.

Use data and analytics to target your direct marketing campaign to potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your services. This will help you save money while also improving the efficiency of your marketing.

Also, be sure that the design of your materials matches up with postal service regulations. If you fall outside of these regulations, you could be paying more for postage and that can cut into the revenue generated by your advertising. If you need help, talk to your local post office to find out how much it will cost to send out your advertising materials.