Use Direct Mail and Email for 1+1=3 Results

Use Direct Mail and Email for 1+1=3 Results

Direct Mail, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing … todays modern B2B (business-to-business) companies are dealing with many challenges. The fact is that the number of companies is growing and this is why most of the marketing channels are saturated which makes reaching new potential clients more difficult. It is also very difficult to get the attention of influencers and buyers. So, the question is – what every business owner and manager can do to boost the results?

Direct Mail

There are many different ways to acquire new clients/customers. One of these ways that has proven to be reliable despite the constant changes in the field of marketing is the use of direct mail. Thanks to direct mail you can share your business message with thousands of people without spending a small fortune. Direct mail letters are still working and you should definitely check this claim because besides a certain amount of time and efforts it won’t cost you almost anything. Experts advise business owners to write a one-page letter and place that letter in a standard envelope. Next, you just need to send the letter to the potential clients. What is important in this process is to make the letter look more personal and you can achieve this by filling the “from” and “to” areas located on the envelope. The content of the envelope should contain an offer.

Email Marketing

Since we are living in a digital era it is also a good idea to rely on modern technology. This time we will talk about electronic mail or email marketing. With the help of this type of marketing you can automate the process. You need to get a software solution known as autoresponder and you can start sending thousands of email messages. Keep in mind that you need to get user’s permission to send them messages first and even if you have such permission you should send mails in reasonable intervals because otherwise they will view your messages as spam and this is something that none of us wants.

These two tools can be used in a combination. They both represent forms of direct marketing. This specific form of marketing is different compared to the other types of marketing. In other words, direct marketing allows businesses to communicate with prospective clients directly with the help of direct mail, emails and telemarketing. The latter option is witnessing decrease in popularity in the past few years, so it is best to stick to the first two marketing tools.

No matter if you are using direct mail or email or a combination of these two marketing tools, you will be able to measure the effects of your campaign and this is one of the things that make direct marketing special. You can easily check who has responded to your mails and determine the success of your marketing campaign.

Furthermore, the design and size of direct mails are available in many varieties. For instance, you can send small catalogs and brochures via mail or you can use their electronic forms in emails. Direct marketing through direct mail and email also allows buyers to learn more about the special offers and deals from their favorite company. This means that you can benefit from new and existing customers.

As we have already mentioned, the opportunity to add a personal touch in these marketing tools makes them more effective. These tools can be optimized too – it is up to the sender to determine when, how and who will receive these mails. The content can easily be adjusted making these business messages more attractive and more interesting.

A great way to use the most from the combination of direct mail and email marketing is to send mails advising receivers to subscribe to your email list. Sending direct mails can be more personalized if you use the data you get from email subscriptions.

The best part is that you don’t have to build these mail lists on your own. There are some great B2B list sellers like Bethesda List Center that can help you with this task. If you are still not convinced in direct marketing’s efficiency you should take a close look at some examples.

Direct Mail Campaigns

For instance, Google is using direct mail campaigns in their marketing programs. They are especially focused on demand generation. What is interesting is that they usually use direct mail campaigns to promote products to businesses not individuals. Needless to say they also use email marketing.

Another famous brand that relies on direct mail and email marketing is Tylenol. Tylenol encourages customers to respond to their mails in order to get free or paid samples. After that, customers occasionally get special deals from this pharmaceutical company.

Finally, a company like Burger King is frequently sending paper coupons via mail and electronic coupons via email. Do they know it works? That is their mission, making sales.

Top 10 Direct Marketing CompanyBy using a Top 10 Direct Marketing Company like Bethesda List Center for your direct mail and email marketing, you can expect to boost your sales, increase visibility and strengthen your brand.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.