Easy Ways Life Science Marketing Managers Can Get Started with Direct Mail

Easy Ways Life Science Marketing Managers Can Get Started with Direct MailAny companies or organizations who are involved with life science worldwide marketing need to come up with advertising campaigns that target the right people in the right industries with offers that interest and inspire. Direct mail fulfills all these needs admirably and is making a resurgence in the marketing arena that has been dominated by electronic methods like email for a while.

When it comes to medical promotion techniques, direct mail allows for precision targeting, more visibility and improved return on the investment when working with the right contact information from a professional company like Bethesda List Center.

Who Should Life Science Marketing Managers Target?

People involved in the life sciences, whether they are pushing laboratory equipment or technical publications for biotech professionals, need a precise list of people whose positions or careers coincide with the product or service being offered. Bethesda List Center has done the work of gathering together the contact information for a whole host of life science professionals that include people involved with biomedical research, health technology, university and college study and more. What information used to be accessible only to those who rubbed elbows with these people at medical conventions is now available for rent.

Effective Direct Mail Medical List Options

Bethesda List Center provides numerous options when it comes to renting a contact list for medical promotion. The powerful search capabilities allow you to create a list specifically targeted to the types of professionals most likely to respond to your offer. For example, you can search by disease or disorder, medical practices, research types or subjects, the types of health technology used and whether the person is involved with academia, particular organizations or universities. Lists can also be targeted by country.

Choose one or multiple lists to cross-check different direct mail pieces and promotion types. Different rented lists may respond to the same offer presented in different ways. Using unique codes in your mailings will help with analysis and tracking to improve your medical promotion effectiveness.

How to Get Started With an Advertising Campaign

Building a medical promotion advertising campaign with the right targeted list requires an eye-catching and informative direct mail piece. This could be a letter, brochure, postcard or other physical mailer that is usually designed with a joint effort by a graphic designer and an advertising expert.

Print the direct mail professionally, use the best lists for life science world wide marketing and send it out to test its effectiveness and reap the rewards.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.