Why Promote to Human Resource Professionals

Why Promote to Human Resource ProfessionalsWhen it comes to creating a business direct mail marketing campaign, one of the most important steps is identifying which individuals within a company to address the mailer to. Although general delivery, mail addressed to the CEO or owner or the head of a department has a small chance of ending up in front of the right person, human resource direct mail puts the letter, brochure or postcard in front of the prime decision-makers for that business.

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Any type of product or service of interest to a particular type of company or industry group needs to be both delivered to and seen by people who have the power and knowledge to decide if the offer is beneficial or not. In most cases, a secretary or administrative assistant doesn’t have the expertise to make that call. HR direct marketing directs your offer or advertisement to the people in charge of a large part of the day to day business of actually running the company.

Why are Human Resource Professionals Good Targets?

People who work in the human resource department of a company make a lot of decisions that affect not only new and existing employees but also the interactions the company has with outside vendors and B2B marketers. Regarding human resource professionals, consider the following HR tasks that make these employees good targets for your business direct mail:

  • Responsible for interviewing, vetting, hiring and firing personnel
  • Handle scheduling of appointments, meetings, training and tests
  • Identify specific company needs and seek to fulfill them
  • Keep track of payroll, hours worked, vacation time and negotiations
  • Track physical company assets such as equipment, vehicles and technology
  • Work with employee benefits, insurance companies and manage perks
  • Facilitate communication within the company and with media and other external entities
  • Often the keeper of information about seminars, conferences and the like

With all of the responsibilities of the HR department understood, it makes increasing sense to include their personnel list in the contact information for your next direct mail marketing campaign. They are the gatekeepers and the decision makers who can pass on the content of an advertisement letter, brochure, postcard or email to the appropriate department or member of the staff.

Tips for Successful Human Resources Marketing and to HR Professionals

Because of the many hats that most HR professionals wear within a company, they are often quite busy and more likely to make quick judgments about any marketing material that comes in their email or physical inbox. Your business or organization wants to market to these people because they can make a definitive choice about whether your contact will be acted upon or not.

In order to increase the chances of this happening, stick with worthwhile content, no flashy come-ons and always respect the human resource employee’s time. If you are able to get a high-quality direct mail ad in front of the human resources department and HR professionals at a target corporation or company and convince them effectively that your offer would bring considerable benefit, you will launch a profitable and hopefully long-term professional relationship.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.