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Electrical Contractor's Mailing ListElectrical Contractors

Direct mail does not only involve consumers or huge corporations with twenty inboxes to a floor, it can also attract the attention of large or small service companies such as those found on an electrical contractor’s mailing list. If your business to business company or organization has a product or service targeted to these types of professionals, you need to head to the business list experts and find one that will allow you to get your message in front of the electricians and contractors who would be most interested.

The method of creating a postal mail piece, such as a flyer or postcard for an electrical contractor’s mailing list differs some from those sent to non-service companies and associations. You need to capture the attention of a different type of professional. Design ideas and business to business marketing tips are given below. Just remember that these people have active businesses and do not usually spend a lot of time sitting around the office. If you want to truly reach the electrical contractor’s list you need, create a campaign that takes this into account. It all starts with the right list.

Who Needs an Electrical Contractor’s Mailing List?

The simplest answer to this question is anyone who sells a product or offers a service that an electrical contractor might want to buy or use. This can range from a professional association that puts out a monthly publication highlighting the latest technology in electrical work to a company that manufactures switch plates and outlet covers.

The choice to use direct mail or email marketing to offer those types of products or services to electrical contractors makes sense. People involved in the construction industry, in general, want quick and meaningful marketing that tells them what they need to know so they can make an informed decision. Contractors and electrical-specific construction companies who receive well-planned mailers directed at their needs and interests respond more favorably.

Design a Direct Mail Piece to Grab Contractors’ Attention

Once you have figured out which electrical contractor’s mailing list to buy or rent, decided whether you intend to send postal mail or email, and identified your unique offer, you need to work with your marketing department to create the printed or electronic mailer.

No matter what format you choose, the main goal is to attract attention and make the person who receives the direct mail piece take some action. Grabbing an electronic contractor’s attention requires direct communication and clarity of purpose. People involved in making decisions about these types of things do not have a lot of time to waste. They are usually busy running their business and out on calls actually installing, fixing, or planning electrical systems.

Choose a postcard or email that is not complex or fussy to access. Do not waste time on elegant presentation. Instead, keep things professional and industry-specific. Organization is probably more effective than flashiness. Avoid making your direct mail piece look like a cheap come-on with over marketing speech and gimmicks. That technique should never be used in direct marketing no matter what industry you focus on. Present that offer clearly with a concise and obvious call to action.

In order to reach the electrical contractor’s mailing list you choose more effectively than ever before, also consider these five tips.

Business Lists for Electrical Contractors5 Tips for B2B Marketing to Electrical Contractors

1 – Make sure your offer matches what an electrical contractor does and the specific company. Some contractors work alone and essentially run a one-man business involved in consulting or organizing sub-contractors to do the work for them. Others are massive companies with many employees and even different departments. The type of direct mail pieces you send to each should be different and contain a different type of offer. Redefine the precise collection of contact information you get with the help of business list experts like those at Bethesda List Center.

2 – Design a multi-use direct mail piece. The best pieces of marketing material contain a logo or other graphic or other large headline-style word that brands your company noticeably. When a contractor receives the postcard or email, he should be able to identify it is from you the second time he gets contact. This is essential for branding or brand recognition. The direct mail piece you send out to an electrical contractors list can also be used, in part, on your website, social media platforms and other marketing material.

3 – Send samples. Research shows that lumpy or oddly shaped envelopes get opened much more often than flat ones. Of course, this will not work if you are marketing through email. If your company offers some type of product to the electrical industry, a sample of it for free inside the direct mail envelope can help engage contractors. Not only will they be more likely to open it up, but they can see the quality of your product as well. This might work for such things as wires, switch plates, or connectors. If you do not have any tiny items like that to include, a magnet, pen, or other printed promotional item can work.

4 – Give multiple options in your call to action. Everyone has their preferred method for contacting a company they are thinking about doing business with. Electrical contractors who run busy service companies may not want to tie up their phone lines with marketing calls, or perhaps they do not enjoy firing up the internet and browsing through a website. Although your call to action on any direct mail piece should be clear, it can also give two or three options to encourage the contractor to get in touch. Add your site URL, email address, and phone number to get the best response.

5 – Encourage interaction and recommendations every time. Many electrical contractors or people in any trade industry like that are associated with a union or other professional organization which allows them to network and share information about new technologies, methodologies, and products on the market. Although your direct mail marketing probably has the goal of getting a sale or a new client, building your reputation within the industry is also very important. When you have a quality electrical contractor’s mailing list to send your postcard or letter to, it never hurts to ask your contacts to tell their friends or colleagues.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.