How to Find the Best Direct Mailing Lists and Sales Leads

How to Find the Best Direct Mailing Lists and Sales LeadsBest Direct Mailing List Service

When considering mailing lists and sales leads,  business owners, association or organization leaders, and marketers from all possible industries and niches understand the old adage of, “The money is in the list.” Building an in-house list is essential for success, but before you get to that point, you need to find mailing lists and sales leads from other sources. B2B marketers have struggled for decades to figure out the perfect solution to this problem, and it all comes down to finding the most trustworthy and effective best direct mailing list service like Bethesda List Center.

When you need targeted mailing lists and sales leads for your direct mail marketing campaign, buying or renting information from a list broker makes sense. But which one to use? How do you know if it will get you a great return on your investment or not? These questions are the cornerstones of every targeted mail list and email list decision a business to business marketing group must make.

Formulate a Workable Marketing Plan

Before you pick out the perfect database of contact information for your offer, you must figure out the direct mail marketing plan and message you want to send out. These decisions influence the target audience choice and go hand in hand with creating the most effective campaign that is more likely to get more B2B leads or make you more sales.

First, decide what the end goal of the offer will be. Do you want people to visit your website, sign up for a newsletter, call to purchase a product directly, or take some other action? Work with the marketing department or designers to figure out how to best showcase the call to action.

Now is when you start to consider the targeted mail list and email lists who will eventually receive the promotion or offer. In the business to business world, many companies want to target company owners directly, professionals individually, or the influencers who go on to recommend and endorse companies, products, or services to others.

You find the best mailing lists and sales leads by working with an experienced list broker to identify the people most likely to respond to the marketing material you prepared. A brightly-colored postcard with “FREE!” in giant letters would attract a different kind of attention from a business letter in a creamy white envelope.

Allow Enough Time for the Process

In the vast majority of cases, buying or renting one targeted mail list and email lists will not get you the absolute best response you had always dreamed about. Although the best direct mailing list service such as Bethesda List Center will greatly improve your chances at attracting attention, capturing leads, and building brand recognition, many other factors come into play.

Do not expect immediate success with one direct mail campaign. Sending out even thousands of email messages takes hardly any time at all, but there is more to a marketing method than just that. First, the template or email letter has to be designed properly for maximum impact. Next, all the engaging and interesting content must be written to connect with the recipients. Then, the administrative work of filling in email addresses and copying and pasting everything into place occurs. At last, the mail is sent on its way to all the business to business professional contacts you got from the best mailing lists and sales leads’ collection you could find.

This direct mail marketing process can take quite a while. The final step, waiting to see if it works or not, is sometimes the longest and most stressful. There are so many factors that go into determining if you will meet your lead generation or sales goals. The first and most important, however, is one you always have control over: finding the best mailing lists and sales leads possible for your offer. The process is even easier if you use the help of a highly professional and experienced best direct mailing list service like Bethesda List Center.

No matter how up-to-date and complete the mailing list data is, your marketing campaign may still fall flat if you do not get the emails in front of the people who can either make decision or influence them to do so. The dreaded spam or junk mail filters can ruin any possibility of profits if you do not know how to handle them.

5 Ways to Get Around Email Filters

#1 – Only use the most up-to-date, active, and correct email contact lists possible. Bethesda List Center checks all of the data in the lists they sell and rent in multiple ways to ensure this. A lot of bouncing emails from a particular sender can result in automatic push toward the spam or junk mail folders.

#2 – Write like a human being sharing an offer instead of like a marketing machine, spinner bot, or automated content scrubber. Avoid over-the-top marketing speech keywords like “Free!” and “Act Now!” Do not use excessive bold, bright, or flashy text. Avoid using all caps. These tips are especially important to follow for the email piece’s subject line. Many emails are shunted aside just because of the subject line alone.

#3 – Avoid using frames, Flash, embedded videos, and JavaScript and other programming in the body of the emails. First of all, some people may not be able to load these so they will be a wasted effort for your marketing campaign anyway. Also, they can be annoying. Spam filters commonly block these and will not allow an email to be delivered if they are detected. A better bet is to include a simple link to your video or other presentation hosted on your website.

#4 – Never include attachments. Nothing says spam louder than a marketing email with a file of any type attached to it. No one will open these even if they do make it through the junk mail or spam filters. Mailing list owners who feel the need to share a separate file with potential customers or clients should host it on the company website or a trusted file-sharing platform and include a link.

#5 – Follow all the rules and laws outlined by the CAN-SPAM act. Tell the truth in all marketing messages. Include a physical address in every email contact. Always provide an obvious and simple way to unsubscribe and, if people do, actually unsubscribe them from all contacts right away.

Best Direct Mailing List Service

Knowing how to prevent spam complaints, avoid the email trash folder, and design an attention-getting and easily converting direct mail piece can go a long way to the success of your company. However, in the realm of business to business marketing in any niche or industry, the first measure of potential profits is the targeted mail list and email lists you use. Knowing how to choose the best mailing lists and sales leads will launch your company faster and more assuredly toward success.


David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.