Bethesda List Center Introduces Biotech and Life Science e-Mail list

Bethesda List Center Introduces Biotech and Life Science e-Mail listFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

February 22, 2016

(Bethesda, MD)Bethesda List Center, Inc. is introducing the latest addition to their email list categories which is the Biotech and Life Science e-Mail list. The newest addition to the list categories allows clients to reach more than two million executives and researchers both in industries and the academics of Life Science, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical.

The company knows that there are more and more industries realizing the importance of email marketing lists especially in terms of promoting their products or services, the latest addition to their categories allows companies under the Biotech, Life Science and Pharmaceuticals industry to get their first email list. This way, companies are able to promote their products or services to other businesses or individuals directly related to their line.

Biotech and Life Science e-Mail list

The latest of Email lists from Bethesda List Center is provided by a leading medical research firm that is supplying records to various academic and healthcare organizations worldwide. This list will allow companies related in the Life science, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries reach professionals and renowned companies in different parts of the world. Through the latest email list provided, finding important individuals across the world and setting up schedules for scientific meetings can be done with ease. The database will help companies and even professionals gets all meetings set up and done without taking much time.

With the latest eMail list the Bethesda List Center has to offer, more people in the life sciences industry will be aware of the direct marketing opportunities they can use in building business to business or customer relationships.

Full details about the Biotech and Life Science Worldwide Email list is found here:

Bethesda List Center, Inc. is a trusted name when it comes to getting mailing lists for various industries. Most companies from different industries consider Bethesda a trusted, comprehensive and one-stop source for all direct mailing lists as well as services for brokerage needs. Check out their site to check other categories where they can provide email lists needed by startup and long running companies.


Bethesda List Center

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Biotech and Life Science e-Mail list by Bethesda List Center, your one stop source for email lists.

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