7 Reasons Association Mail Lists Are Better For Promotion

7 Reasons Association Mail Lists Are Better For Your Promotion

Association mail lists are among the most precious possessions of trade associations and professional organizations. An association members list or an association mail list is so valuable that many organizations rent the information for mailing list rental programs. Most successful association list sales are managed by a professional mailing list manager. They in turn, sell slices of the data to marketers or suppliers or products and services looking to find leads among the association’s members. Of course, the association approves each and every list order!

Let’s look at 7 top reasons why association lists are so important for your targeted direct mail marketing.

An Association Mail List Serves as a Precious Entry Point…

Gaining access to an association membership mail list helps companies make headway into various industries and professions. For example, if your company sells golfing equipment and accessories, gaining the association membership list for local golf clubs can be very beneficial to your business. Or if you are a company that sells scientific calculators, getting an association mail list of mechanical engineers can prove to be very precious indeed. These lists can help you gain an entry into companies and organization whose members who are often the best types of buyers for their specific products.

Launching Your Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

An association mail list is critical to a direct mail campaign. Lists that are accurate and appropriately defined can serve as launching pads for highly successful and targeted direct mail campaigns. Similarly poorly chosen lists, or lists with outdated information or wrong targets can be a big waste of a company’s advertising budget. The quality of your list makes all the difference. Many smart organizations rely on a mailing list broker, like Bethesda List Center, to help them select the best lists – and the best selections on that mail list.

The Only Way to Connect With the Target Audience

Many trade associations and professional organizations only make postal lists available. They don’t offer emails or contact numbers. That’s why the only way to reach out to the members of these organizations is through direct marketing, by accessing their association members list.

Cost-Effective, Provides for High ROI

Obtaining association mail lists for your direct mail campaigns is fairly easy business marketing technique. Large companies make use of direct mail as well. Targeted direct mail accounted for a major chunk of the advertising expenditure for most organizations in the country, up to $40 billion. That’s because this one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques and offers full value for an organization’s limited marketing budget.

Helps Identify Hard-to-Get Opportunities

Gaining an association mail list is a great way to identify hard-to-find opportunities for businesses such as business professional memberships, academic associations, certified memberships and so on. There are many associations and professional organizations that are completely out of bounds for email marketers or telemarketers. Direct mail is the only way to take advantage of these opportunities.

Highly Targeted Marketing

Association mail lists make for highly targeted marketing. When you gain such lists, you will have a very good idea about your target market, based on key demographics such as age, gender, household income, profession and household size. So, if your company sells family vacations, you can look to target households with three or more family members through information gained from the association membership lists.

Provides Mission-Critical Information

Association mail lists can provide a marketer with a wealth of information such as which companies can make use of your product. This is the start of a sales cycle where you send sales letters, brochures, order forms and so on. Companies will be able to present their products or services in a much more targeted manner based on the information learned from the association members list. Similarly, they can use this information to offer special deals and packages.

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