Go Beyond Your CRM System to Reach New Prospects

Go Beyond Your CRM System to Reach New ProspectsAny company that engages in business to consumer or business to business marketing needs some type of CRM system to manage both current and future customers and clients.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager, and it is a software program that organizes information about all of your contacts so you know what marketing they responded to the past, how the relationship between them and your company developed and also how and when to contact them again in the future.

Marketing to existing customers or clients is an efficient way to increase profits, but if you want to reach new prospects, you need to go beyond your CRM system and target new niches or groups. For example, if you are involved with the medical industry and have a certain product, service or publication you want to attract attention to, purchasing a doctor promotion email list or an allied healthcare postal contact list can expand your customer or client base considerably. It can even give you more information to record in your CRM.

Professional Lists

In the realm of business to business marketing, getting the right contact information for your target audience is frequently considered one of the more difficult aspects of developing a campaign. With the access to professional lists at a reputable company like Bethesda List, this task becomes easier. If you use a Customer Relationship Management software program, this contact information should be inputted into its files. Then you can easily keep track of when a particular email or direct mail piece was sent out and if there was any response.

Keeping track of this type of information can allow you to reach new prospects in a more efficient and effective manner because you already know they are highly targeted and you can set up a campaign of regular contact on the most effective schedule for generating a sale or sign up without being accused of spamming. In business to business marketing, the initial contact be accepted is only the first step.

CRM System

Moving beyond the information stored in a CRM system and the particular schedule outlined by your records is when the true benefit to both your company and your prospects occurs. Successful B2B relationships are forged over time with multiple interactions and a more personal touch than simply sending out direct mail marketing material.

The Importance of Building Customer Relationships

Ultimately, a profitable company depends on more than the data it collects and its day to day schedule of marketing tasks. Now more than ever, companies and consumers need to not only feel important and appreciated by those who want to sell them something, but also receive ongoing customer service that focuses on more than just the individual sale. This is easily recognized by the proliferation of company-specific social media, live chats on websites and various other business-based social interactions.

For business to business marketing and business to business sales, the best contact list entered into the most robust CRM software solution, while highly beneficial to the development of marketing campaigns, cannot work alone if you wish your business to succeed.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.