Business Mailing List Owners Use Bethesda List Center

Business Mailing List Owners Use Bethesda List CenterAny company who engages in business to business marketing undoubtedly has collected a vast database of contact information from leads, customers, and clients who have either expressed interest in a product or service or have made a purchase in the past. Control of these databases makes you one of the mailing list owners who can not only improve your own company’s profit margin by marketing directly to them but also has the opportunity to use that mailing list to make more money on the side.

With the help of list broker Bethesda List Center, mailing list owners can turn a simple collection of people’s names, emails, and physical addresses into a new type of opportunity. There are two opportunities available here. Any company who has an in-house mailing list for either physical addresses or emails can take advantage of both of these facets in order to increase their customer base, client list, and income. Normally, a list of at least 5,000 records works best. Of course, that goes out the window if the entire universe is much smaller. The prices will be higher so that the list owner and list manger both make money.

#1 – Let Bethesda List Center’s Experts Help You Get More Out Of Your List

If you have control of an email promotion list or a physical address marketing list and have permission to use it in responsible and appropriate ways, a list management company like Bethesda List Center can help you make it work harder for your company’s profits. We offer a range of options that can boost the return on your investment for every direct mail marketing campaign you send out. Budgeting for these services represents a smart business decision because the outcome will be more profitable for your long-term success.

This professional and experienced company provides multiple services for companies that maintain an promotion lists. Besides a collection of free email templates, we also offer email newsletter or marketing message design help so you always send out an attractive message that matches your company’s essence. This is especially useful for small companies or professional individuals who do not have marketing and design teams working for them. Attention-grabbing and actionable direct mail pieces should focus on the unique needs and interests of each marketing, industry, or niche recipient. We understand the unique needs of different industries and how to create and attention-grabbing mail.

We also have transmission services to make sure all the emails are delivered properly. Every effort is made so that your businesses marketing emails or subscriber newsletters do not end up in the junk email box or with accusations of spam attached to them. Complete support for multiple email platforms and providers is included. Even if you have a company website with email service attached, some servers or hosts limit the number of emails you can send. The last thing you want in the middle of an email marketing campaign is to have your server shut down or restricted.

Extensive tracking of not only email opens but clicks and follow-up actions is also available. In every way, Bethesda List Center helps you create, send, and analyze the efficacy of email marketing messages and newsletters. All of these services for your email promotion list can give your company a huge boost toward ongoing success and profit.

 #2 – Increase Mailing List Profits by Selling or Renting the Information the Right Way

First of all, your website’s privacy policy or terms of service must state that you may share contact information of the people who sign up for your list with third parties. If you insist you will never share information with anyone, you must uphold that promise or you risk your entire customer and client base losing trust and never doing business with you again. Always give your customers and clients a way to opt out of this possibility.

If you have permission in place to do so, marketing and selling your direct mail information database to other companies or organizations can provide genuine value to your existing contacts. The reputable list broker will only provide your postal or email promotion list two companies or individuals whose market, niche, service, or product aligns with your people’s interests. Not only does this keep everyone happy and prevent complaints, but it also increases the potential for profits on all fronts.

Why Choose Bethesda List Center

The services provided by this professional and experienced list brokerage offer genuine value to not only the mailing list owners but also their intended audiences. A positive reputation and track record for secure sale and rental of private information should help you make the decision to use them for your direct mail list management.

Bethesda List Center maintains complete security so your promotional lists cannot be accessed by outside parties without permission. We handle all marketing of your lists in order to find the best buyers or renters as soon as possible. Our prominence in the industry and marketing reach extends your own considerably because we can attract attention from buyers that your company would likely not be able to. Of course, we check with you on each and every order for use approval. This is key!

After a buyers found, we extract according to the list renters instructions, send out, and track every order that is placed with the same professional ability and attention to detail. We even handle all billing, bookkeeping, and collection of owed monies when necessary. All of the information pertaining to your list and the money you receive for it will be remitted every month.

When it comes to making money as mailing list owners who control either postal address contact lists or email promotion lists, choosing Bethesda List Center makes sense. With careful compliance of all necessary rules and regulations, we provide services that can not only help you organize your direct mail campaigns, but also help you increase profits by marketing the list itself to other interested businesses, organizations, and individuals.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.