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Marketers from many different industries and niches trust Bethesda List Center every day to provide them with quality targeted mail list and email lists information for the audience they want to reach. This is only possible because mailing list owners also have the same trust and decide to sell or rent their accumulated contact information through Bethesda List Center as well.

If you own a mailing list or an email promotion list and have appropriately informed the members that their information may be shared with third party advertisers or groups, there are great benefits for you and your list members if you choose to sell it or rent it to others. Before you make that decision, you need to find the right company to handle the information with perfect security and care so your customers’ or clients’ personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Read on to learn more about the possibilities of profit and growth associated with offering your contact information lists to others and why Bethesda List Center is the best list broker company to help.

How to Use Your Business Targeted Mail List and Email Lists

Companies that keep their own postal or email promotion list databases understand how to use them to market their products and services to interested parties. Collections of existing customers, clients, signups, or group members give them the perfect opportunity for repeat business. Most marketers agree that it is simpler to advertise a new product or service to an existing customer than it is to attract a new one. Building a list allows you to do just that.

However, simply making additional offers from inside the company may not be the best way for mailing list owners to get the highest rate of return on the effort it took to compile the list in the first place. If you want to expand into new markets, new company types or professional specializations, or introduce your business to a new location, you need a new list to send out an email blast or postal mailer to.

If you are a postal address or email address owner and are in compliance with all the best practices for getting permission to share this information with third parties or outside interests, you can increase your profits considerably by offering these lists for sale or rent. With the right list brokerage on your side, this could become a virtually passive or residual way to make money.

All you need is a top-quality, experienced, and trustworthy list brokerage like Bethesda List Center to handle all the details for you. With their experience and connections, mailing list owners should find success and satisfaction in their new venture.

Smart Business Mailing List Owners Call Bethesda List CenterWhy Mailing List Owners Choose Bethesda List Center

Since 1992, Bethesda List Center has provided consumers, companies, and mailing list owners with a full-service assistance for greater profits and recognition through direct mail. The range of direct mail list services offered starts at basic postal or email list renting to full handling capabilities for existing mailing lists, email deliverability testing, and thorough research into industry associations, organizations, and niche groups.

If you are an email promotion list owner and want to offer your data to others in order to bring more funds to your business, Bethesda List Center can handle every aspect of the process in a highly professional and totally secure fashion. Direct mail address lists are managed by a team of experts.

First, the list is checked for accuracy and immediacy. Incorrect and out of date data is worthless when it comes to business to business marketing. Next, the list is marketed to interested parties. When it is rented, Bethesda List Center handles everything from secure delivery to payment collection and processing. You never have to worry about any step of the process. Not only can you make money when your list is rented out, but you can get a tighter and more efficient and responsive list for your own business to business marketing purposes as well.

Three Ways Your Email Promotion List Can Increase Profits

#1 – Use it yourself to market a product or service to the industry you do business in or a similar niche. The most common way for mailing list owners to increase profits is to grow their own business using the list. Set up a referral program. Ask for customer or client feedback. Introduce a new product line or service option to your already captured audience.

#2 – Organize cooperative email promotion list trades with other companies. These should not be direct competitors or you risk losing your customers or clients to them. Instead, they should offer something of value to the people already doing business with you. For example, if you sell medical equipment to private clinics and another company runs a clinical technology newsletter, the crossover marketing may be quite effective at increasing your customer pool.

#3 – Work with a professional, experienced, and trustworthy list brokerage company such as Bethesda List Center to sell or rent your database of contacts to other marketers. First, make sure that you informed your signups that their information may be shared with third parties. Give them the opportunity to opt out in order to not only stay on the right side of anti-spam rules but also of your customers.

The list broker will identify businesses and individuals who would benefit from your email promotion list and rent the information to them for one or more uses. When this happens, you earn some money. The people who signed up to your marketing list or your current customers or clients gain access to new products or services that may interest them as well.

Targeted Mail Lists Providers

Smart mailing list owners call Bethesda List Center to help them bring this type of new value to their contacts and earn greater profits for themselves. With years of experience and the type of knowledge that comes with care and time, the new business relationship between email address owners, the list brokerage, and other company owners who rent the list for their own B2B marketing will be profitable for all involved.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.