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Website Rankings

If you want your website to be successful and generate conversions, whether those are purchases or simple downloads, the site needs to be visible on Google. The visibility of your site on Google search depends on your SEO strategies and the way you optimize your content. Without SEO, the site will be nowhere near the first page of Google search. Moreover, statistics show that when searching for a particular thing on Google, people always choose one of the first three links. Therefore, in order to improve your site’s visibility, you need to get it to the top of the Google search page. Easier said than done, huh? Don’t worry, we’ve put together these ten tips that can help you boost your SEO and get the results you’re looking for!

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#1 Become mobile-friendly

Nowadays, everything is shifting from computer screens to mobile platforms. Mobile devices are always in our hands or pockets, being readily available for us to quickly search something we need at the moment. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you will be losing tons of potential viewers and customers. Besides, Google’s algorithm gives preference to mobile-friendly websites because they are more responsive and thus ranks them higher on search pages.

#2 Use XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps helps search engines recognize the URLs from your site, thus boosting your chances of ranking higher. Without XML Sitemaps, Google will have difficulty finding and indexing your web pages, making them less visible on Google search. You can easily create XML sitemaps using Yoast SEO plug-in or Google XML sitemap plug-in.

#3 Fix any site errors

Even the smallest errors on your site can hinder its performance, make it slower and less responsive, which affects your SEO ranking. Make sure to do a technical check every week to ensure your site is running smoothly and error-free. You can do so using tools such as WooRank, Raven Tools or SEMrush.

#4 Increase the website speed

In the fast-moving world we live in, the speed of page loading is everything. If your website takes even a few seconds longer to load a page, the viewer will bounce off and look for another solution. Not only that you will lose a lot of potential viewers and customers but you will lose your Google ranking too. Slower sites ran lower on Google search pages, even if the content on the site meets all necessary standards. Therefore, make sure to take steps to speed up your website, which you can do by optimizing the site’s images, enabling compressions and browser caching, reducing server response time and using a Content Delivery System (CDN) such as Cloudfare.

#5 Enhance internal linking

You probably know that building backlinks is essential for boosting your SEO. However, if you have difficulties building backlinks from external authority sites, you should take advantage of internal linking and link as many pages within your site to each other.

#6 Use canonical URLs

These search engine-friendly URLs can help boost your SEO by solving duplicate pages issue. If you have duplicate content or you want to replicate a blog post from another site, use canonical URLs to help Google rank the page higher.

#7 Get the SSL Certificate for your website

The SSL Certificate does not only improve the security of the website but also significantly betters your SEO. Having a SSL Certificate or HTTP encryptions is one of the Google search engine ranking signals. Therefore, make sure to get one for your website.

#8 Back up your image ALT text with keywords

As you probably already know, Google uses metadata to determine what exactly is on a webpage or an image. You want Google to recognize what is on your site’s image so that it can correctly rank it on search engine pages. Google decides the content of your image based on the image file name and the image ALT text. For best results, make sure to put the keywords into your image ALT, which quite easy to do if you’re using WordPress.

#9 Use Schema Markups

If you haven’t used schema markups yet, you should consider doing so in order to boost your SEO strategies. These markups enable search engines to get as much extra information about the contents of your site as possible, as well as the advanced information on the theme and contextual purpose of the page. This information helps provide the right insight to the users and makes SERP listing prominent. Therefore, make sure to start using schema markups in your SEO techniques.

#10 Use Google AMP

Last but definitely not the least, make sure to use Google Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, which helps your site load faster on mobile devices. We already talked about the importance of making your site mobile-friendly but it can never be stressed enough how much a faster loading page on mobile can improve your SEO. Even though Google hasn’t officially announced that using AMP is a search engine ranking signal, they are encouraging more publishers to do so.

Take advantage of these ten tips and you will see a significant improvement in your SEO strategy. SEO is all about using the right tools and techniques at the right time, as well as balancing between many different factors such as site’s loading speed and ALT image texts. It may sound complicated at first but as you go through it and get used to implementing various SEO strategies while uploading your content, your webpage will become much more responsive and will be more likely to rank higher on Google search engines.

Most importantly, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Everything is shifting to mobile and your site shouldn’t be left behind. Keep up with the latest SEO trends and techniques by using our ten efficient tips for boosting your ranking. If you have any questions about how to improve your site’s Website Rankings and visibility on Google or you need help doing so, you can reach out to SEO experts at

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