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Redefine Your Custom Mailing Lists

Redefine Your Custom Mailing ListsMailing List Quote

Before you get a physical mailing list quote or email list quote, careful consideration must go into the decision about which set of contact information to buy or rent. The best list brokers have a wide variety of unique lists to choose from. They target many different industries, niches, and demographics. It is possible, however, that none of them quite fit your carefully selected list of criteria.

Custom mailing lists are the answer. They allow companies that engage in business to business marketing to find the exact group that is most likely to respond to their message or offer. You can redefine your custom mailing lists at the start of each campaign and again when you build your in-house contact list.

Why Choose Custom Mailing Lists

Unique marketing messages in the business to business advertising realm require the right collection of recipients to make them effective. Although quality list brokers like Bethesda List Center offer a wide variety, getting a mailing list quote for a custom data group could be more likely to get you the results you want from whatever direct postal mail or email blast you send out.

Custom mailing lists use additional sets of information and criteria to identify the right individuals to include. Instead of just all medical radiologists, for example, you can get a list that includes radiologists just from the United States, or radiologists and general practitioners who are also members of certain industry organizations.

Extensive research goes into the creation of each custom list, and every bit of data is checked for accuracy and accessibility. No list should contain out of date or incorrect information.

Finding the Right Mailing List for Your B2B Marketing

The creation of custom mailing lists requires several vital steps and considerations if you want your business to business marketing to get you the best possible return on your investment. It all begins in-house at your company, corporation, organization, or professional association.

Work with your marketing department or postal mailer design team to brainstorm a vision of the ideal audience for your offer or message. Look at your existing database of customers or clients to determine what the people are like who respond well. Let a quality list broker like Bethesda List Center use their expertise and experience to build you a custom mailing list that works.

Best Mailing List Service

Consider the following questions before you ask for a mailing list quote:

1 – Who is most likely to take action based on your direct mail piece?

If your company or organization has an in-house list already, exploring the types of people who responded to offers in the past can help you determine who to market to in the future. You already know that people very similar to your current B2B clients and customers will be more likely to take action when presented with your offer. However, when you want to expand your reach or realm of influence, choices have to be made about which new direction to focus on.

What new industry, niche, or profession needs or wants your product or service the most? For example, if your company sells heavy-duty construction equipment, you might have targeted development companies in the past. They are very likely to need backhoes and bulldozers in bulk and would respond well to direct mail marketing offering a great deal. Where can you go next from there? Perhaps demolition companies would work, or general contractors whose businesses do over a certain amount of work annually. Custom mailing lists can be compiled for all these criteria.

2 – Who can influence the decision makers the most?

Another consideration before getting a mailing list quote or email list quote is whether the owner or CEO of a particular business is the right person to target. Influencer targeted marketing could make an even larger splash in particular industries or niches.

Influencers are people, groups, or publications that are looked on as a responsible expert in a particular field. Other people in the industry look to them for information about the best products, services, and brands. They usually have a wide marketing reach and plenty of people eager for their recommendations and ideas.

Building a custom mailing list around those who influence others can be quite effective at building brand recognition in an industry and attracting the attention of new targeted B2B audience groups.

3 – Would more testing and analyzation of results help?

In an established company or organization, marketing often begins with the in-house postal or email contact information list. These people have already been tested for their likelihood of response to an offer. That is how they got on your list in the first place. When you choose to expand direct mail advertising efforts, you need to redefine your mailing list by including other fresh contacts.

Before you get a mailing list quote or email list quote for a custom database of names and addresses, consider testing more pre-made lists and analyzing the results to get a better picture of just who your new audience should be. This can increase your overall return on investment and give you a longer in-house list and more profits in the long run.

Testing and Analyzations Helps You Redefine Custom Mailing Lists

As long as you use a company like Bethesda List Center who understands the direct mail list industry and only delivers the most current and correct information, you do not need to worry about redefining the contact list you initially use to send our your postal or email marketing message. When you decide to have a custom list created, trusting us to handle the difficult parts makes sense. However, as you work with a combination of new data and your list of existing customers and clients, redefining custom mail lists takes on new meaning.

Testing, tracking, and analyzation of response data is a huge part of any marketing campaign, and direct postal mail or email marketing is no different. No improvement in profits can be made with any consistency if you just mail out a postcard or email blast to a long list of contacts and hope for the best. You need to know who received the offer and if they responded to it or not.

Mailing List Providers

Custom Mailing ListsWhen you rework and redefine custom mailing lists with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable list broker like Bethesda List Center, you have the best chance at reaching the key businesses and influencers with a B2B marketing campaign. Get an email list quote or mailing list quote for a custom collection and begin your company or organization’s expansion into new markets right away.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.