ObesityWeek® Email Transmission Checklist
by Bethesda List Center

  • Request available blast date here.
  • Upload a copy of the message for approval here.
  • Create a message in the following format(s):
    1.   HTML: (.html file format). All images must be hosted.
    2.   Plain text version: no dynamic links (they should all be spelled out), no images or special characters. (.txt file format).
  • Create subject line (suggested length is 33‐44 characters max).
  • Gather test and send email addresses (a list of email addresses for people you would like to review the test(s) and be included on the final blast).
  • Complete and submit the order form. Please send one week before your blast date to allow for testing. View order cutoff dates here.

Once we receive your order, we will confirm receipt and touch base to go over everything before testing begins.   All orders include up to two tests.  Additional charges will apply for each test after the first 2.  We will bring this to your attention before any charges are incurred.

If you require assistance with creative services or image hosting, let us know and we will send you a quote based on your requirements.

** NOTE: The following disclaimer is required on both text and HTML versions:

This is being sent on behalf of (Enter Name of Sponsor Here) and is not part of ObesityWeek® 2021 as planned by The Obesity Society. This company is neither sponsored nor endorsed by ObesityWeek®.