Take Your Email List to the Next Level with List Verification by FixMyList.com

Want to improve your next email campaign?  It’s simpleELIMINATE hard bounces, reduce SPAM complainers, and minimize potential fraudulent accounts.

What does FixMyList Do?

  • FixMyList checks email addresses in real-time against individual mail servers.
  • Your email marketing list will be checked for validity and activity.  This means that they will first be examined to make sure they comply with delivery standards and proper format.
  • Email validator checks each email address to make sure the username exists at the domain.
  • Next up… the email list will be examined for typos, spelling errors, incorrect domain suffixes, and other common errors.
  • Finally, the addresses will be checked for signs of spam activity.  We run each email address through our built-in fraud protection to make sure it is not a temporary account or linked to online fraud.
  • Once the scan is complete, we will send you back the file and you can remove all records that don’t pass verification, leaving with you with a clean list to send your marketing promotions to.

What are my next steps?

  1. Complete our quick online form (Click the FixMyList Now button below)
  2. Upload your list
  3. Submit payment
  4. Stand by & let us do our magic.  Turnaround is usually within an hour and may take a bit longer for larger lists.  Don’t worry…we don’t like waiting either & we will keep you posted every step of the way.
  5. We will return your list with a field added marking every single address as valid or invalid.  Our system also goes that extra step to flag people that complain & mark as SPAM as well as ‘potential risk’ emails.  You will also receive an easy to read report that will outline the results of our scan.


“I thought my list was in really good shape. We mailed it all the time.  FixMyList showed me I was wrong. Our sales went up over 30% in 2 mailings.” – Jack, Marketing Manager

“Finding FixMyList was a life-saver. Making sure that our list was in tip-top shape means we have happier clients. 
Thanks again!” –  David, Vice President, Online Vertical Publisher

“Barbara Higgins is real a pleasure to work with.  The online tools at Bethesda are so easy to use, and Barbara is there for any questions we may have.  Since order turnaround and efficiency is a major part of our business, we depend on Barbara to keep our flow of business going.  It is amazing how quickly she can fill our list needs.  She is a real gem.” Bill W, Director of Sales