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Formerly, Emergency Room Physicians Database from EB Medicine. Reach physicians and other medical professionals that subscribe to EB Medicine Publications.

This list joins the subscribers to 3 publications into one, de-duped database. These subscription-based, paid publications are evidence-based reviews on improving patient care and practices in hospital Emergency Rooms (ER). The publications each review over 70 other publications to pull the best, most relevant articles. Many of the readers use these publications to achieve CME’s – continuing medical education – credits necessary for their professional license.

The publications included in this database include:

• Emergency Medicine Practice
• Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice
• Lifelong Learning & Self-Assessment Study Guides

Avg Price Sold: $ 179 – $ 329/year

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Gender Quantity
Female 6,685
Male 13,016


Emergency Medicine Practice 17,992
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice 5,077
Lifelong Learning & Self-Assessment Study Guides 4,878

State Counts

AK 45
AL 217
AR 136
AZ 367
CA 1489
CO 515
CT 257
DC 91
DE 77
FL 1316
GA 600
HI 114
IA 241
ID 85
IL 942
IN 337
KS 189
KY 462
LA 426
MA 440
MD 504
ME 137
MI 944
MN 309
MO 496
MS 162
MT 95
NC 750
ND 43
NE 108
NH 94
NJ 488
NM 146
NV 125
NY 1274
OH 741
OK 176
OR 268
PA 728
PR 29
RI 68
SC 342
SD 41
TN 449
TX 2918
UT 219
VA 650
VT 54
WA 405
WI 422
WV 86
WY 25


Book buyers, Newsletter Subscribers

Average Unit of Sale

$179 – $399 USD



State $10/M
Designation $15/M
Publication $25/M


Keycoding $5/M
File Split $25/F

Delivery Method – ASCII format / Postal File Only

FTP Delivery $65/F
Electronic Delivery $65/F
Minimum Order 5,000
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