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New survey shows non-dues revenue-generation low priority in 2017.

A new survey by the Bethesda, MD-based Association Research Board reveals most associations lack urgency and direction in their search for new sources of non-dues revenue.

The survey found that only one in three associations is “very committed” to tapping new non-dues revenue streams in 2017; the rest are only “somewhat committed” or “not committed.”

In addition, the survey found that one in four association executives never discusses the subject of non-dues revenue-generation with her board.

While one in two associations tapped some new non-dues revenue streams in 2016, according to the survey, only one in four describes those revenue-generating activities as “highly successful.”

“The picture is less than encouraging,” says Michael Hart, president, Michael Hart Consulting, a principal advisor in the survey’s development.

“With the continuing across-the-board decline in membership and dues income, association executives who aren’t aggressively seeking new non-dues revenue sources have only one choice—to cut expenses and services to members.”

Hart, who recently hosted a webinar exploring various sources of non-dues revenue, encourages association executives to embrace innovation. “The only way to turn the situation around is to open your eyes to new ways to create value,” he says.

The free webinar is available on demand at http://bit.ly/2fRfAd9.

New Revenue Streams Elude Most Association

The survey findings are based on a November poll completed by over 130 association executives. Fifty percent of the respondents are employed by professional associations; 40 percent, by trade associations; and 10 percent, by philanthropic associations, non-governmental organizations, or association management companies.

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