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Custom Mailing Lists – Use a Professional List Broker

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Direct mail marketers in any industry or niche need to redefine their mailing list from time to time to keep it fresh, accurate, and effective. While this frequently happens with in-house lists that the company collected from leads, customers, or clients, the same process can be used prior to getting a mailing list quote or email list quote from a professional list broker.

The process works in reverse. Instead of looking at a list you already have and weeding out the people who have been unresponsive for a long time or whose information is no longer valid, you add names and addresses to a list based on certain criteria. If you use a responsible broker like Bethesda List Center, you do not have to worry about accuracy or current information. These custom mailing lists are checked regularly and multiple times to make sure you get the best data possible.

Before you redefine the custom mailing lists you wish to buy or rent, there are several questions you should ask yourself. The answers to these will determine what the focus should be for the collection of information you buy or rent.

Five Questions to Ask Before Changing Your Email Marketing List

#1 – How effective is your current, in-house list at generating profit?

If your company is bringing in a considerable income and working in the black every quarter, getting custom mailing lists is primarily for expansion into new geographic regions, customer demographics, and niches. If the contact data you collected so far is not getting the response you want, it is necessary to work with your marketing team or list broker professionals to redefine the type of list that will work best for you. The benefit of customizing the contact list is it so you can test new angles and discover what works.

#2 – Do you have the right marketing message for a new group or niche?

While redefining the group of people you send your direct mail or email marketing message to can boost your company into new markets, this process will only succeed if you have the right message to send. Anyone involved with direct mail marketing understands the importance of specifically tailoring the marketing piece and offer to the audience.

Different businesses and professional people respond to different types of offers. While this can be reduced down to the individual, marketing relies on categories to be effective. For example, a small plumbing company may be more attracted to a colorful postcard while a large financial corporation would appreciate a professional letter on high-quality stationery.

#3 – Can you afford to market to additional custom mailing lists.

Most companies use multiple types of marketing and advertising to attract attention, get new clients, and make sales. The majority of these takes money. When you buy or rent a custom mailing list, you, of course, have to pay for the list itself. You also need to pay the people who come up with the marketing message and design, hand over money for printing and supplies, and pay for postage.

All of these expenses that come with using a new direct mail list must be weighed against the possible return on the investment. Luckily, direct mail, especially email, is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods around. If you are not happy with the email list quote or mailing list quote you receive from a broker, you can redefine the list you are ordering until it works for your budget.

#4 – Is direct mail or email marketing right for you?

Direct mail allows any size company to build brand recognition, boost reputation and encourage a targeted consumer base to take action on an offer. Multi-million dollar companies have teams of marketing experts designing postcards and email templates. Freelancers or one-person small businesses can have letters printed and address them at their kitchen table.

Various research studies over the past five years have shown that both physical mailers and email have high open and response rates. Well-designed letters, postcards, or emails attract attention and build trust in your company.

#5 – How to redefine the custom mailing lists you plan to buy or rent?

This is the million-dollar question. If your company has used direct mail or email marketing before and has collected a database of contact information, you have a jumping-off point that can help you determine who to market to the next. For example, if most of the people who purchased from your online store were electricians who employed less than 20 people, it would make sense to market to more of the same. This method carries minimal risk because you already have data to back up your future success.

Whether you start a new product line, offer a new service, or just want to offer the same ones to a new type of business or professional individual. That product that entices relatively small electrician companies to buy may be of use to larger service businesses, general contractors, or even retail hardware stores. There is always risk involved with redefining who you are sending a marketing message to. However, it is one of the best ways to expand your business and to realize more profits than ever before.

Every company or individual who uses direct marketing or email marketing should consider working with a professional broker to determine if custom mailing lists are right for them. The more information you use as criteria for the group of people or businesses you send your marketing message to, the greater chance you have of realizing a positive return on your investment. The right target audience is essential for success.

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Redefining a custom mailing list on your own can be a daunting task. Even working with you are in-house mailing list can get confusing. Which contacts should you keep and which should be deemed unresponsive? What industry, niche, or demographic should you target next? Before asking a professional list broker like Bethesda List Center for a mailing list quote or email list quote, have a conversation with their experts to help build a unique solution that has the greatest possible chance of getting you the outcome you desire.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.