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Custom Mail Lists are Your Way to Direct Marketing Success

Custom Mail Lists are Your Way to Direct Marketing SuccessWhen you make the decision to use direct mail marketing to target other companies with your offer, it is important to realize that getting the right list is one of the most important aspects of the process. Many mailing list services sell a vast collection of different B2B contact lists covering many different industries and niches. These generalized lists may be effective for increasing brand recognition or sending out feelers to test for any interest, but custom mail lists are much more effective at getting responses and encouraging action.

What are Custom Mail Lists?

You could target a long list of company contacts in, for example, the construction industry. The people on the list could vary from local contractors who work on neighborhood homes to large development companies that are in the business of invigorating entire city blocks. Although the best list manager companies offer much more specific lists than this, truly custom mail lists narrow down the target even more.

A targeted mailing list is not only compiled by industry, but also by company size, location, level of working capital or profits realized annually, the legal structure of the business itself, and other factors that may affect your direct mail marketing efforts. No matter what industry, niche, or demographic you wish to target with your business to business marketing campaign, a unique and customized mailing list can be created for you.

Why Do Customized B2B Mail Lists Work Better for Direct Mail Marketing?

The more specific your target, the more likely you are to get a positive response and have an effective direct mail campaign. If your company sells small-sized bulldozers and backhoes at discount prices, you are much more likely to attract the attention of a small contractor business than a large demolition company.

When business to business direct mail is used for not only lead generation but also the lower levels of the marketing funnel, your company may begin to develop its own custom mail lists. This is the natural progression of the advertising process, but it can be much more efficient and cost-effective if you begin with your best audience at the start.

How to Choose the Best List Manager For Your Company

Once you identify the specific type of B2B contacts who would be most likely to respond to your offer, you need to find the best mailing list services company or best list manager who can provide it for you. There are many companies in this industry who offer various types of mailing list services. The decision about which to choose comes down to four specific criteria.

1 – The direct mail list manager must have a positive track record standing behind the lists they offer and a large collection of positive testimonials from satisfied customers. Going with a company without these things could be asking for trouble. Because you will be investing a considerable amount of money, time, and energy in your direct mail marketing campaign, you should avoid using an untested list broker that may let you down.

2 – All of the lists offered by this broker should be current and correct. They should be willing to tell you how the list was compiled, how frequently it is checked for accuracy, and whether they weed out old or obsolete information on a regular basis. Undeliverable mail gets you zero return.

3 — The lists offered by this company should be specific and targeted to either individuals, organizations, or businesses that suit the particular advertising purpose. Although some generalized lists could also be included in their product selection, custom mail lists should likewise be available.

4 – The best list manager should understand the direct mail process and how custom mail lists can benefit companies who wish to engage in business-to-business marketing. People selling or renting a product who do not understand it will not give the type of quality or customer service you should choose.

Top mailing list broker Bethesda List Center fits all these criteria.

Best Mailing List Provider
Best Mailing List Provider

How Mailing List Services Can Help You Customize Your List

After you find the list broker company, it is time to start making decisions about which list to use for your marketing and how you can create custom mail lists to increase the possibility of success.

There are two types of custom mail lists that mailing list services companies can help you build. First, after you give them information about your ideal audience and the types of companies you wish to target with your offer, they can compile a B2B contact list from the various ones they control. Also, the broker can work with you to customize and augment your in-house list to expand your direct mail possibilities even more.

Both of these processes include extensive testing for accuracy and completeness. Sending out a direct mail piece or letter to obsolete or incorrect names and addresses automatically diminishes your chance of a stunning success. This process may consist of checking the data against the National Change of Address (NCOA) as well as conducting other investigations.

The best list manager company, like Bethesda List Center, will guide you through the process every step of the way. Many businesses who start out with direct mail may find it difficult to pinpoint the ideal target and choose an existing list that coincides with it. There are so many to choose from.

Experienced marketers and list brokers know the diverse range of recipients that various lists can cover. They can help you create a new custom list or boost one you have already worked with two improve your ROI and get more contacts, conversions, customers, and clients.

Using a general industry list can begin your marketing process with a wide range of possibilities. However, when the flow of contacts into the top of your direct mail funnel is too vast, the cost associated with the advertising campaign will not translate into enough profit to make it worth your while. Instead, a company should strive to make the most highly-targeted custom mail lists This will result in a much higher rate of marketing funnel flow through and a greater return on your investment.

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