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7 Reasons to Use Direct Mail

7 Reasons to Use Direct Mail

Direct Mail

In the last two decades we are witnessing a fast advance in technology. These technological breakthroughs have changed many aspects in our lives and there is no doubt that it has affected the world of marketing and advertising too. This is the reason why so many business owners are wondering whether some old techniques like direct mail are still working. The truth is that although marketing today has changed, there are certain basic elements that remain the same and one of these elements is direct mail. Experts agree that direct mail will remain to be a relevant marketing technique at least in the near future. Now let’s highlight a few reasons why you should use direct mail.

  1. Targeted campaign

Direct mail allows users to conduct targeted campaigns. Instead of using marketing tools to an unidentified group of people (something that is typical for mass media campaigns), direct mail allows users to target their audience. They can get a target customer base with the help of professional list centers like Bethesda List Center. Instead of collecting addresses and information, business owners can get access to pre-made lists of addresses of people with different interests.

  1. Personalization

A direct marketing list allows creation of personalized messages. You can tailor the marketing campaign according to the people you are targeting. This means that you will get a chance for a more personal impact. If the message is too vague, people will have difficulties to relate to your business message and they won’t be able to build trust. Direct mail can be performed in a non promotional way and still have the same marketing effect. If you know your potential customers or clients, you will be able to create a promotion that looks like a personal message.

  1. Advertising that provides flexibility

Another reason why direct mail is so popular is the flexibility that this method provides. This is a nice and discreet way to discriminate the users. Of course, we are talking about discrimination in a positive way – why send something to people who are not interested in what you have to offer. You can create campaigns according to your own needs and requirements. Campaign creators are free to remove the names of people who don’t have appropriate age, location and interests from the list. It is up to you to choose the individuals that you want to do business with.

  1. Measurable

This might not be the basic reason why people should choose direct mail because other options are measurable too. However, it is much easier to track and measure the effects of direct mail campaign. For instance, in case some business sends 10.000 direct mails, they will be able to check the response rate. If the company generates business leads by mail, it must key the order form. With the help of this technique, the company will find the exact number of sales triggered by the use of direct mail.

  1. Saving money

If you use direct mail marketing, your company will be able to save money too. This is especially important for small business owners because they cannot afford expensive marketing campaigns. Instead of traveling all over the country in pursuit of new customers and clients, you can use direct mail. This is a very cost effective form of marketing compared to many other types of marketing.

  1. Direct communication

This form of marketing provides an opportunity for direct communication between companies and clients. Once they receive the advertising message, potential clients can contact the company directly. Some of the most popular advertising services in the field of direct mailing are brochures, catalogues, fliers and letters.

  1. Privacy

If you want to publish an ad in a newspaper or a magazine or you want to use some of the modern advertising tools like the internet (online ads), you will have to follow some general rules and check the content twice. In addition, the offer you are promoting can be seen by your rivals too. Direct mail provides privacy – only the targeted receiver will get the message. This will give you an advantage over your competition and this is very important these days when the competition is fierce in every industry.

Direct Marketing

As you can see the concept of direct mail is still working and you should never disregard the power of direct mail. With a good mailing list obtained from professional Mailing List Providers like Bethesda List Center you will significantly increase the chances of success with your Direct Mail Lists.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.