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Technology Transfer Tactics eNewsletter Subscribers with Email

Technology Transfer eNews Subscribers

Technology Transfer eNews subscribers are readers of “The weekly adviser on best practices in tech transfer and translational research.” These key executives are decision makers for products in life sciences, medical, military, defense, information technology, nanotechnology, and clean tech chemistry.

Technology Transfer eNews has practical strategies for technology transfer professionals including: Case
Studies, Best Practices, Expert Guidance, How-to Strategies, Marketing, Licensing, Valuation, Funding, and Research Commercialization.

These subscribers are the key executives found in:

– Research Sites:
Universities, Government, Independent Labs and Research Facilities, Corporate Research Facilities

– Monetizing technology: Intellectual Property
(IP) Lawyers, Patent Lawyers, Licensing Executives and Professionals, Investors, Venture Capitalists,

– Using the results: Economic Development, Labs and Research Parks, Government

Suggested uses include: technology products, conferences, books and magazines, online subscriber services, business products and high end consumer offers.

Additional information may be found at:

University 21,450
Tech Transfer Dept 8,305
Administration 4,412
Vice President VP Research 165
Library 980
International 8,909
Tech Transfer Dept 1,071
Professor 3,402
Bio Conference Attendee 178
Licensing Professional 1,024
Labs 4,530
University Labs 2,188
Researcher/Scientist 75
Government Labs 4,712
Private Labs 374
International Labs 1,904
Research Parks 3,213
Incubator 203
University Research Park 2,855
International 33
Technology Park (Non Univ) 350
Tech, Innovation, Intl Members 1,107
Attorneys 18,724
IP/Patent 14,393
International 6,050
Investment Attorney 7,849
Government 16,397
Federal State Official 7,173
Military 182
Research 383
Library 1,283
Technology Transfer 298
Corporations 3,183
VCS/Investors 3,411
International Companies Economic Development 3,619
Economic Development 22,307
Transmission $85/M
Suppression $150/F
Turnaround2-3 Days
Minimum Order5,000

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