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Medical Professionals in Group Practice Email eUSA


New List! Reach medical professionals in US group practices via email, direct mail & phone.

Group practices range from two doctors to thousands.   The average group practice is close to 100 doctors in urban, high traffic areas.  These doctors
can be selected by profession/function, practice size, specialty (to name a few) so you can target your offer to those physicians best qualified to receive your offer.

Multiply your success rate with a multi-channel campaign!

File updates continuously.  Please inquire for current counts.

Creative and transmission services are available.  Please inquire for rates.

Email list cleanup and validation available through

Practice SizeQuantity
2 - 4 48,528
5 - 9 35,363
10 - 19 24,490
20 - 49 25,116
50 - 99 17,510
100 - 249 17,862
250 - 499 10,832
500 - 999 7,038
1000 or More 6,202
Job Title/FunctionQuantity
Acupuncturists 16
Ambulatory Health Care Facilities 1,738
Case Managers / Care Coordinators 137
Chiropractic Providers 286
Dental Hygienists & Dental Assistants 42
Dentists 1,285
Dietitians / Nutritionists 423
Drug Prescribers 73,903
Emergency Medical Services Providers 1,816
Health Maintenance Organizations 94
Health Service Facilities Providers 743
Health Service Providers 5,685
Marriage / Family Therapists 75
Medical Office Managers 5,168
Medical Technicians 53
Mental Health Counselors 483
Microbiologists 383
Nurses 2,767
Nursing Home Administrators 37
Occupational Therapists 30
Optometrists 382
Pharmacists 130
Physical Therapists 95
Physician Assistants 183
Physicians 95,460
Podiatrists 87
Psychologists 763
Radiologic Technologists 48
Residential Treatment Facilities 12
Respiratory Therapists 44
Social Workers 571
Veterinarians 2
State $5/M
Title/Function $10/M
Practice Size $10/M
Specialty $10/M
Email $50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order5,000

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