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Reach the Electrical Contractors List You NeedBusiness-to-business companies who focus on electrical services industry, electrical contractors, need a continuous flow of contact information for contractors, electricians, and other companies that perform these tasks. International businesses that provide products, services, or association membership to these types of companies or self-employed individuals should focus on local contacts through the power of direct mail marketing. With the right electrical contractors’ mailing list, your B2B company can build brand recognition, become a trustworthy name in the services industry, and attract more lucrative business now and into the future.

Direct Mail Marketing

Using direct mail to reach an electrical contractors list requires a unique series of steps that focus on these types of companies’ particular needs and business practices. The first step always to get the right list if you want to reach electrical contractors who are eager to do business with a new company or explore a new product line. A lot of advertising money gets wasted when printed or electronic marketing materials are sent to the wrong people. If your email open or click rate, or your postal mail response rate, is low, contacting business list experts who have many years of experience with creating direct mail campaigns can help you.

Get a High-Quality List From the Right Business List Broker and Experts

While some misguided company or professional individual may think building an electrical contractors mailing list requires visiting online directory or review sites and copying down all the names and addresses found there, this is not an effective way to start your direct mail campaign at all. For one thing, you have no verification if those addresses are deliverable or are out of date. Also, if you use email addresses found online, you could be in violation of the CAN-SPAM federal law.

Always use a reputable and professional group of business list experts for all your direct mail contact information needs. Companies like Bethesda List Center can help you choose the precise database of electrical contractors or electricians who are most likely to respond favorably to your offer. Their lists are checked for accuracy and currency multiple times before they are offered for sale or rent. This greatly increases the rate of link click throughs and responses to your call to action.

Understand the People You Are Targeting With Your Direct Mail Marketing Piece

People who own service companies usually also provide the service they market to consumers. For example, the person in charge of an electrical contractors business usually spends a lot of his time out in the truck going to different job sites. Most companies are relatively small although some can still have hundreds of employees. Understanding who you are sending a direct mail piece to is a vital part of reaching the business to business marketing target. You need to know who generally makes the decisions for everyone on your electric contractors’ mailing list. In most cases, this would be the head electrician himself.

Although everyone is different, and it would be impossible to learn the habits of each company on your B2B mailing list, there are some general characteristics of this industry demographic. For example, as mentioned above most electrical contracting company owners are electricians themselves and actively do work with clients and customers. This necessitates direct mail pieces that capture the attention quickly and provide whatever information or offer you wish to share without the need for sitting down and reading a long letter or pamphlet. Postcards might reach and grab the attention of people in this industry more easily.

Local Electrical Contractors’ Mailing List Boosts Business

Many different types of companies may want to market products or services to an electrical contractors list. These can range from construction associations that put out industry newsletters to manufacturers of wiring. No matter what type of business you represent, you can only reach the electrical contractors you want to if you have a proper list and make an offer they can’t refuse.

Some products or services can be marketed easily to a global demographic. In most cases, service companies such as electricians, construction groups, and contractors focus on local marketing because that is where their customers and clients come from. When you want to engage in business-to-business direct mail marketing, a focus on the community could boost your ROI.

Five Simple Steps to Reach the Electrical Contractors List You Need

1 – Get an accurate and current contact list from a business list broker like Bethesda List Center. Failure to do this will result in many undeliverable mails and a much lower return on your investment.

2 – Focus on the correct demographic of electrical contractors based on location, company size, and specialty. The more highly targeted your intended audience, the more likely your marketing message will inspire them to take action.

3 – Design a direct mail piece such as a postcard or brochure with an electrician’s or contractor’s busy and active schedule in mind. Remember most people in charge of these types of businesses take an active role instead of sitting behind a desk looking at mail or their email all day.

4 – Make the right offer and include an enticing call to action that provides genuine value and does not waste their time. In B2B marketing, presenting factual information about how your offer can improve lives or business success is the key to getting a response.

5 – Follow up with all contacts, tweak your direct mail marketing list, and always look for ways to attract the attention of new electrical contractors, electricians, and other businesses who may be interested in your product or service.

Ultimately, the main goal of any marketing is to attract more attention to your business, build recognition and reputation so your company name becomes a household name at least in the industry, and to ultimately make money by selling services or products to other companies. Whether you sell switch plates and outlet covers in bulk or represent an electrical industry magazine, using a direct mail marketing to achieve the above-mentioned goals makes sense. As long as you understand the unique needs and habits of electrical contractors and focus on specific and local postal mail and email list provided by the best business list broker and experts, your company should have little problem getting a positive response.