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July 2016 Mailing, Email & Phone List Updates 

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Here are all of the List Updates for this month:

Private Practice Section American Physical Therapy Association (PPS APTA)
Physical therapy is one of the hottest fields in healthcare. And no segment of PT is growing faster than private practice. These savvy independent physical therapy professionals belong to the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (PPS-APTA).

Construction Specifications Institute Masterlist CSI
The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Master List has over 8,000 professionals who work in the world of construction! CSI is the standard-setting, professional association of the non-residential building design and construction industry. Its members include architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors, project planners and managers, building owners and managers, planners, construction products manufacturers, and other professionals.

Podiatrists in the USA
These Doctors of Podiatric Medicine treat medical conditions involving the foot and ankle.  They have spent four years in an accredited College of Podiatric Medicine and are state licensed.

Radiologic (X-Ray) Technologists in the USA
These are specialists in radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, cancer research and treatment, and diagnostic X-rays have become increasingly important in the medical world. Radiologic technologists and technicians take X-rays and administer non-radioactive materials into patient’s blood streams for diagnostic purposes.

Radiologists in the USA
Reach Radiology Doctors working in Hospitals. Radiologists diagnose and treat through the use of medical imaging. Several types of imaging exist: X-Ray, radioactive, sound wave, or magnetism.  The Radiologists interpret the images along with other tests and treatments or image-guided surgery.

Massage Therapists in the USA
This list identifies those who are licensed massage therapists. Massage is a form of body manipulation that stimulates and relaxes various muscles and skin in general. Massage is considered good for: pain relief, stress relaxation, high blood pressure/heart rate, improved attention span.

Speech / Language Pathologists in the USA
This list identifies those individuals who work in the area of physical therapy known as speech-language pathology. These people help patients learn to speak, make facial reactions, and swallow.  Frequently, the patient has had a stroke or other injury that requires rehabilitation.

Mammographers in the USA
Reach Radiologic Technologists with certification in Mammography. The number of individuals with this certification has grown tremendously in recent years due to increased awareness and the need for early detection of tumors and other abnormalities in the breast.

Endocrinologists in the USA
This is a mailing list of physicians who treat the disorders of the endocrine system and its hormones. Among the diseases and disorders that are treated are: diabetes (type I and type II), the ovaries, testes, thyroid, adrenal, rickets and pituitary gland tumors.

Emergency Medicine Specialists in the USA
Reach medical professionals who are trained and certified in their specialty and work in hospital emergency departments and other locations where initial medical treatment occurs.  The primary goal of the emergency room (ER) team is to diagnose and stabilize the patient for additional care. This file is comprised primarily of emergency care doctors (physicians).

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics in the USA
This list identifies those individuals who work with EMT ambulance, fire and emergency response units.  The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) helps people who need assistance as a result of a car accident, a medical emergency, a fire or such events as a major public emergency.

Dentists in the USA
Reach Dentists at office address! Dentists diagnose, prevent and treat teeth and mouth tissue. Among the tasks: they remove decay, fill cavities, read x-rays, seal children’s teeth, straighten teeth and repair fractured teeth; surgery on gums and supporting bone; and extract teeth and replace missing teeth, among other things.

Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants in the USA
Reach registered and licensed dental hygienists in the USA.  This is a list of fee-paying Dental Hygienists & Dental Assistants responsible for everything from educating patients on oral health to providing therapeutic services supporting total health for the control of oral diseases and the promotion of oral health.

Dietitians in the USA
These professionals work to determine those foods that are best for their clients.  Some dietitians call themselves “nutritionists” but the standards for this moniker vary from state to state. From children in school getting a good breakfast, to diabetics who need to control their sugar intake, a dietitian is involved.

Emergency Room ER and Operating Room OR Nurses in the USA
Emergency Room (ER) and Operating Room (OR) Nurses respond to patients brought into the hospital with a variety of symptoms. This high technology and high care position reacts to many situations – broken arms, elderly problems, babies and children’s ills and many more diseases, ills and accidents.

Nurses in the USA
Formerly, Nurses in America. This list draws from four major areas of nursing to provide nearly complete coverage of all members of this medical specialty. Nurses range in their training from those with undergraduate and master’s degrees to those with certifications to work directly with patients under the supervision of a nurse supervisor.

Respiratory Therapists Email / Postal List – eUSA
New List! Respiratory therapists are a vital link from doctors to the direct care of patients. They specialize in cardiology and pulmonology issues making sure the airways are open and performing as well as they can.

Radiologic Technologists Email / Postal List – eUSA
New List!  Reach Radiologic Techs via email, direct mail & phone! Radiologic Technologists (Rad Techs) manage the imaging of human anatomy for diagnosis and the treatment of a disease. Rad Techs identify and provide data, they do not diagnose the medical condition or a treatment path.

C Level Executives Email / Postal eUSA
New List!  C-Level Executives (also know as C-Suite) are high ranking corporate titles for the key executives who are responsible for specific tasks and departments.  Titles included on this file are: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology…

Human Resource HR Executives Email / Postal eUSA
New List! Reach Human Resource Executives in all industries across the USA.  Email, Telephone Numbers and postal addresses are available. Human Resource executives are more than working time and vacation day keepers. Human Resources, often called HR, has become one of the pillars of a business in most medium and all large companies.

Business Owners Email / Postal List eUSA
New List!  Reach Business Owners via email and direct mail. Reach Business Owners across the US via email, direct mail or telephone.  Multiply your success rate with a multi-channel campaign! Multiply your success rate with a multi-channel campaign! These professionals are well educated and great candidates for a wide variety of offers.  Both business and up-market consumer offers are appropriate for this group.

Business Executives and Professionals in Canada
This postal list identifies the executives and professionals in Canada.  These are the decision-makers for businesses of all size across the Dominion of Canada. The list is selectable by Job Title/Function, Employee Size, Sales Volume, 2-digit SIC and Geography.